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J.Blonde on 10 May : 17:02
agree sent a mail to Carol

Jeveran on 30 Apr : 17:29
I'm beginning to believe this game is actually an exquisitely sublime study on game loyalty.

J.Blonde on 24 Mar : 08:10
I believe the turn is being processed now

Shadowsquid on 17 Mar : 13:05
Are we still playing?

Aquazoo on 24 Oct : 15:12
Orders deadline is past! Any questions, just ask.

Aquazoo on 21 Oct : 13:39
Orders are rolling in!

Aquazoo on 18 Oct : 18:14
Adding as we get orders in — I get a lot of character requests who don't end up playing.

J.Blonde on 18 Oct : 16:44
Greasy pole updated to reflect new characters

J.Blonde on 02 Oct : 15:46
Website updated

J.Blonde on 01 Oct : 17:20
thxs Carol website to be updated at the weekend.

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James St. John 4 3  
Bertrand Cressac 1    
John Bernard Burke 1    
Julius Octavian Caesar 1 1  
Sean O'Leary 1 1  
Cleophas Faucher 1 2  
Royston Darkwing 1 2  
Dick Exe   1  
Eric Olthwaite   1  
Thomas Ulan Vickers   1  
William Hornchurch Oglby 1 3  
Edward Ernest Etheridge   2  
Peter Plain   5  
Matthew Alistair Pratingly 4   Killed 1
Patrick Stern 2   Killed 1
William Fredrick Lawford 1    
Lucius Yeo 1    
Samuel Adam Mulligan 1    
Sebastian Bracegirdle 1 1  
Philip Cecile Roberts 2 3  
Richard Antony Timmons 1 2  
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